And now, post-Disney, the Knights of Ren. 0 It … I say she should have at least been in the top 5. Not All Star Wars Characters Are As Powerful As You BelieveSUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! He is incomparably wise when compared to the rest of the Jedi Council. Noble beings from hundreds of worlds, they were. This is the one that Obi-Wan Kenobi picks up when he leaves Mustafar. Anakin. He managed to escape captivity and joined with the Jedi again, but his vision was blurry, and he had already fallen. Answer: He is indeed one of the most powerful Jedi of all time. Question: Isn't Fay a great Jedi redeemed by the order itself? After having been a Sith apprentice, she must’ve impressed them to be even let into that region of Coruscant. He was only defeated by luke because he no longer had real arms and legs and grew weak after being defeated by obi wan. Why is he not on this list? She fought against one of the greatest—in my opinion the greatest—Sith Lords of all time: Exar Kun. Also, where is Kyp Durron! … Plus, any Jedi who manages to stay alive for upwards of nine centuries must be doing something right. According to legend, he found and trained Yoda and a Force-sensitive Human friend. LOL easily the most powerful, Why is Anakin not here? It took me countless hours, but I came up with my list, and I'm sharing it with you. Rui Carreira (author) from Torres Novas on May 07, 2020: Rey is just bad fan fiction as far as I'm concerned. By using the Force and their lightsabers, which they referred to as tools rather than weapons, they defended the Galactic Republic. When it comes to the Star Wars Universe, we're talking one massive thing that is tough to pin down to just the movies. But his abilities far exceed this because even after death, he was able to use his abilities to come back as a Force Ghost. In ROTS Yoda says vader consumed Anakin. This allowed him to see the weakness of his enemy. Far from being the strongest, Qui-Gon was still a great Jedi because he concentrated on the mystical side of the Force. Makes sense for luke to be #1, I know, he looked bad in the movies. A Jedi Padawan, Haazen lived during the Mandalorian Wars and studied with Arca Jeth, a Jedi Master, alongside his friend Draay. Due to the prolonged duel, they believe that Form IV drained Qui-Gon Jinn. 6 – Nomi Sunrider: A Female Entrance on our Top 10 Strongest Jedi of All Time List. Share Share Tweet Email. He is a Jedi Grand Master and the leader of the Jedi Council. Question: Isn't Anakin more powerful than Darth Sidious? 1. Could trap powerful entities within his mind and imprison them and could resurrect others as well as being one of the most feared Force users of the time. Darth Sidious then used Force Lightning on Luke, but Vader turned to the light when he saw his son suffering, killing Sidious and dying shortly after. As proof, Luke’s second lightsaber was made from a synthetic crystal but it was green; therefore, synthesis is not what causes it to be red. mike, you are wrong. Screw cartoon gibberish junk rankings. Most POWERFUL Jedi/Sith Story and Lore. Already early after the founding of the Order, the Jedi began settling conflicts all over the galaxy and were soon working with the Ministry of Justice of the Galactic Republic, which they increasingly used as galactic mediators. Vader became more powerful than if he had beaten Obi Wan, because the hate and pain the defeat gave him, right? Disneyverse is canon to you? He was a prodigy in fighting and was proficient in Ataru and Djem So. This style is quick, aggressive, highly acrobatic, and advantageous in open areas. The Sith made their lightsabers from synthetic crystals, but this isn’t what makes their lightsabers crimson colored. Question: 1v1 Revan vs Yoda who would win? Remember Master Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn? Bastilla regained her senses for love and fought by the Republic as well. All the padawans trained w/ Yoda. Bear in mind that he lost a duel vs Darth Maul - strong but an apprentice - when he even had one of the strongest fighting Jedi by his side, even as just a padawan. John Boyega is laughing off a claim from a website that Rey is a more powerful Jedi than even Luke Skywalker or Anakin Skywalker. Jana Solo was the only Jedi I recall who was recognized as "Sword of the Jedi." As we move towards a more equal society - it’s becoming Rey’s time and no I’m not a fan on Rian Johnson, Kennedy or Abrams’ Rey characters. Question: What about Kylo Ren? In ROTJ Old Ben explains to Luke how what he told him was true. Serious and intimidating, this Jedi Master was a conservative thinker. He killed Jedi in the arena on Geonosis, all far more skilled and powerful than he was. Whenever there was a mission that called for a Jedi who could beat overwhelming numbers and do the work of an elite task force alone with his lightsaber skills, Plo Koon was always the chosen one. There is a lot to be said about how good it was versus what could be corrected. 5 Most Powerful Jedi That Would Never Turn to the Dark Side (& 5 Strongest Sith That Would Never Turn to the Light) Star Wars some have extremely powerful Jedi and Sith alike, and some of them would never be persuaded to change sides. Answer: Yes, "Book Luke" is the strongest character in Star Wars. Answer: Revan would take that honor, followed by Jacen Solo maybe. Had he achieved his full potential he would have been stronger than Abeloth), 1 Revan. For example you get Jedi and Sith but are there more groups like them but different practices? Level One. In her lifetime, she ascended through the ranks and became a Jedi Master, and ultimately the Jedi Grand Master. After the first 2 movies of the sequels came out, I was cautious about her power. But that's just the opinion of a star wars fan. When Order 66 was carried out, his entourage of pilots opened fire on him, and he was killed in the explosion of his craft. He even sat on the council before being a Jedi Master—one of the few to ever experience this honor! He was the head of the Council, and trained Luke to defeat Anakin.. Revan was a great Sith Lord, but the Jedi Order captured him and cleaned his memory, so they could use this formidable warrior for their own cause. If you want to argue about this list, do it so with me LIVE on my stream. Question: Why isn't Yoda number one on this list of the strongest Jedi? Midichlorians don't provide any sort of power, they carry the will of the force, not its power which was even stated in The Phantom Menace. Revan-A master tactician and extremely gifted in the force Revan spearheaded the Republic’s war against the Mandalorians as a young Jedi, bringing victory. Nomi Sunrider was married to a Jedi apprentice named Andur. Depa Billaba is an incredibly awesome Jedi that not many people may know about. If so then I think Galen Marek deserves to be on this list. Her talents are purely plot armor. Next. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Their brother, Anakin Solo, who did not train to be a Jedi, fought in a war against a race called the Vongs, who nearly destroyed the new Republic. 8 – Kit Fisto: Unparallel Underwater Duelling Skills. Okay, so basically Rey is the strongest Jedi ever no doubt. Master Ki-Adi Mundi always played a huge role in wars and was on the front lines of every battle; he fought in the clone wars and almost died at the hands of General Grievous. A very powerful but forbidden technique he practiced was called Electric Judgment. Answer: Plo Koon is on the list, look again! Andur’s Force Ghost appeared to Nomi and told her to pick-up the lightsaber to save herself and their daughter. Answer: Anakin has the potential to be the strongest force sensitive in the Saga, but he never realizes his potential and loses half his power when he turns Vader. The writer’s of Luke’s journey, made him almost invincible but not perfect. He managed to use his intelligence and charisma more than the other short thinkers of the Jedi Order and the Sith. Fate had it that he would be killed by his twin sister Jaina, his former companion. Question: Wasn't Yoda more powerful than Luke, since Luke was never able to fully do the same abilities that Yoda was able to do and Luke didn't have as much control over the force? I think Anakin should be ranked number 3 after Yoda and Luke. But he uses Form IV as his main fighting style. Far from being the strongest, Qui-Gon was still a great Jedi because he concentrated on the mystical side of the Force. Also, when he was first developing his potential he fell to the Dark Side, and he entered my Top list for Sith Lords of All time. With the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi film coming up soon, it makes total sense for Star Wars fans to be excited. It's a big movie and a continuation of the extremely good Force Awakens film that surprised everyone. By Joe Burgett Nov 01, 2015. Rephrase: Can Anyone Use a Lightsaber. He was the master of both Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker, and he was the first Jedi in one thousand years to defeat a Sith Lord in one-on-one combat! Why is Ben at 5? on November 18th 2019, 3:50 am Anakin Skywalker probably takes the cake for most cosmically important, but it's more because of the prophecy and his importance in two key roles in fulfilling it (the Ones and Palpatine), as well as his progeny. She also trained Caleb Dume when she became a Jedi Master. How is ankikan/Darth Vader and qui gon Jin not on there, Have yall seen clone wars (animated yet canon) anakin. If you keep Legends and EU canon then she isn't by a long shot. Although she did not agree with the use of weapons of war, she accepted the use of the lightsaber. Is Luke Skywalker more powerful than Exar Kun. In The Empire Strikes Back , he does much more than instruct Luke Skywalker in combat or prepare him physically to fight Darth Vader; he readies his mind and tries to curb the boy’s impatience and anger, which is something that’s much harder to do. And with the knowledge imparted, the Jedi are able to create their own weapons when necessary. When he was a Jedi, he made a blue single-blade lightsaber. Answer: I rather think she is just going to go Dark Side. He's also one of the best at battling with a lightsaber out of everyone in Star Wars, giving him little use of the force in combat.Even Anakin Skywalker referred to Windu as one of the most powerful Jedis in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.. 9 Darth Maul Was A 'Great Loss' To Palpatine His Force powers included telekinesis and mind-control which proved to be useful during missions. Anakin Skywalker was literally the son of the Force, he was a prodigy with midi-chlorian levels far above Yoda, he was trained by the best in a time where the order was prosperous... and he still couldn't do half of what Rey - a scavenger with no training and no order behind her - can. His second lightsaber was a green one which he used to cut off Vader’s hand. He killed Jedi in the arena on Geonosis, all far more skilled and powerful than he was. Please find below the The oldest and most powerful Jedi master in Star Wars answer and solution which is part of Daily Themed Crossword September 28 2018 Answers.Many other players have had difficulties with The oldest and most powerful Jedi master in Star Wars that is why we have decided to share not only this crossword clue but all the Daily Themed Crossword Answers every single day. Answer: If you take Disney Star Wars as canon and discard Legends... she is. She singlehandedly defeated Nihilus Sion and even Traya! While age and experience may give Yoda the advantage in teaching others but Yoda brought forth the Emperor and the ruin of the galaxy. At its darkest, Star Wars is certainly a story about the fallibility of heroes and the way their inner demons end up consuming them. The most powerful 'Star Wars' Jedi are not always the biggest or the strongest. Question: Are there any more types of lightsaber groups out there? Played impeccably by both Alec Guinness and Ewan McGregor, Kenobi has plenty of accomplishments. After this, Luke founded a new Jedi Order and started training Jedi, becoming Grand Master. For each question, choose the best answer. The books gave him lots more tools, development and training to achieve the number 1 spot he holds right here. Answer: That wasn't Disney-friendly. 4. This corruption process was called making the crystal “bleed”, thus the color. Willed himself back to life, could teleport and cause massive Force storms, could move and crash entire fleets through the Force, and who almost defeated the Sith Emperor. He then took the Sith's son, Luke Skywalker, to hide and later taught him the ways of the Force, to fight Darth Vader and Darth Sidious. When Jacen turned thirteen, he and his sister, Jaina Solo, started to train with their uncle, Luke Skywalker, toward becoming Jedi. He still focused too much on the martial aspect of the Force and didn't study his ways or develop his connection with the midi-chlorians yet. Revan learns literally every force power there is. I believe Luke is the best due to him having immense power in the comic books and how he defeated Kilo Ren by becoming one with the force. Because the younglings had to split up, the Force’s effect grew stronger. Had he develop that side and force control, he would definitely be way better off... besides, I added him on my strongest Sith list instead. Many of the fans speculate that this is the cause of his defeat in the hands of Darth Maul. Why hasn’t anybody mentioned Asajj Ventress? The Sith Race has been extinct for some millennia now, but their legacy persists. According to this theory, some unique characteristics set Ezra apart from any other Jedi ever. the oldest and wisest!? Answer: Malak was Revan's apprentice, but he fell to the Dark Side with Revan and after Revan was captured, he was made Dark Lord of the Sith in his place, becoming Darth Lord Malak. The list includes several genre by many different writers. Though Disney truly should have brought Anakin back to fulfill is destiny, Rey did it for him. Rey is Disney giving every Star Wars fans the finger while saying to people that don't know Star Wars that is possible. Plus Obi got his butt handed to him by lord Dookuu, and Anikan barely broke a sweat the second time they fought. @Plo nope. @Chocolate Cake anakin is more powerful than obi wan, anakin lost because he was an idiot not because of power. This girl barely had any training with the lightsaber and the Force. Master Tyvokka and Plo Koon were the best star fighters and were always chosen to partake in dangerous missions. Revan would have beaten Palpatine, no question. Master Yoda he is not considered the best because he did not complete the task of the Jedi as they were to do. Question: How is Luke the most powerful, Revan could easily beat him? He was only defeated by obi wan because he had not reached his full potential. Anyways, overall what I’m saying is out of all and most popular opinion, Anakin Skywalker was the most powerful, but in all truthfulness, it was Rey who took that title. Question: What about T’ra Saa? Answer: You clearly played the games but failed to read the books. Strongest Jedi Ever. This is a Pre-Disney list, as mentioned in other answers. Home » Star Wars » [Star Wars] Top 10 Strongest, Most Powerful Jedi of All Time. Portrayed on screen as a patient teacher and a cunning warrior. If you mean Canon, yes, he is canon. He died so easily when facing Palpatine. So it was a surprise that he was able to use his father’s blue lightsaber to stand his ground. Maris Brood, the Jedi Padawan and only known user of this particular weapon, upped her lightsaber tonfa’s defense even higher by building the hilts from Phrik, a lightsaber-resistant metal. Isn’t she a very powerful Jedi? He started his Jedi life as a Guardian, but he wasn’t mediocre at all, he was one of the orders’ greatest fighters ever! Nomi watched as the soldiers assassinated her husband, then picked up his lightsaber—she was to become the strongest female Jedi of all time! Another Dark Jedi was Ajunta Pall. Initially, only the Sith Race could be a Sith, but they started allowing other races such as humans as time went by. Answer: Luke trained with Yoda yes, for a short while, but then surpassed him after Yoda's death and some years into the future. Question: Is there any Jedi that had a chance against Sidious and also wich Jedi was the most powerful force user? He escaped, saying, “Into exile I must go. The force created the Skywalker family so logically they would be the purest living being period. Yoda was a wise, experienced, and powerful Grand Master of the Jedi of an unknown species and the oldest known prophet in existence (having lived at least 900 years), considered the wisest and most powerful Jedi Master within the Star Wars universe. Aside from being revered for his swordsmanship, he was also known as the best Starfighter Pilot among the Jedi. Yoda old as he appears on the movies vs Revan, Revan would win. While his friends Ki-Adi Mundi and Kit Fisto commanded the ground troops, he commanded the air force. Nomi Sunrider: The Strongest Woman Jedi of All Time The Jedi form an Order of Power Users who bring harmony, knowledge, serenity and peace to theirs Basic principles. It’s important to note, however, that the time in which she used a red saber was when the Sith were believed to be extinct. After dying, he becomes a Force Ghost and continues to help Luke. Had this series been written in a more a matriarchal society, it would’ve been Leia. This means that he can no longer tap into the Force’s power again. Just like his experiences, his lightsabers, too, vary in color. Count Dooku was trained by both the most powerful Jedi (Yoda) and the most powerful Sith lord (Sidious), but compared to everyone else on this list, he doesn't have the strongest connection with the force. One Jedi who did so was Adi Gallia. As for his Force skills, he has a special technique called the Shatterpoint. [Star Wars] Which Jedi Knights Used Red Lightsabers? Everybody liked Han Solo, and every geek has a poster of Princess Leia in her slave outfit. It may not make sense altogether, but as the Star Wars universe grows, I hope they explain more about her and why she is so powerful. Star trek is star wreck on March 12, 2018: i read all the comments but i belive that the best jedi are evin piel. The newest Jedi Master of the Skywalker saga, Rey is extremely gifted in channeling the Force. Yoda deserves to be #1 even though he failed to defeat Darth Sidious, Disappointed to not see Eeth Koth or Luminara Unduli, Yoda deserves to be #1 he is the best even though he failed to defeat Darth Sidious, well u see every one knows that the Revan is the best of the best jedi, They misted Anakin the freeking chosen one and Luke didn’t even know the force existed until he met obi wan, And to be true my favourite is qui gon jinn he da best, all I have to say is anakin is by far the most powerful. Of course, before his defeat, Malak revealed to Revan his past. Question: Luke is under Yoda. Obi-Wan, or “Ben,” Kenobi is still one of the strongest Jedi to ever carry a lightsaber. Unfortunately, some of these Dark Jedi completely fall to the Sith eventually. You should do a list of the top Jedi who never corrupted or strongest bounty hunters, Thank you for proving you don't actually know that much about Star Wars. He must have also trained Qui and Mace Windu at one point.. Yoda also defeated Count Dooku, something both Anakin and Obi FAILED to do.. We also have to consider that Yoda is hundreds of years old and way past his prime.. On his last evening alive, the great General and Legendary Swordmaster Kit Fisto and Mace Windu went to arrest Senator Palpatine—Darth Sidious. It’s more likely a matter of choice. When they were on a trip, they were ambushed by a slimy Hutt’s soldiers who wanted the crystals the apprentice was carrying. Yeah sorry to ruin for you all, but Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are the strongest Jedi and Sith Lord, although Darth Vader may also be classified as a Jedi (Anakin Skywalker, Return of the Jedi) and together they are the most powerful. Most identify with Luke, some identify with a muppet puppet in Yoda and a younger generation may relate to Rey once she becomes a Jedi in the Cinematic Universe. Mace Windu specialized in duels while Revan's abilities were strategic and more suited to wars. We have several Honorable Mentions. Why TF do people keep saying Anakin Skywalker is the best. They completely screwed up her story, if they had shown how she got that powerful in a better way (in my opinion I think she should have fell to the dark side, killed Ben, been palpatines apprentice, then fell back to the light side of the force after failing to kill palpatine in the attempt to become the Sith Lord instead of apprentice, then fell upon anakin, the chosen one, who would then like palpatine use her body as his replacement making him be the one fulfilling the prophecy.) This was a great list. Even knowing that he had immense power, Yoda chose to teach the younglings and be a master, making the youngest of the orders receptive to knowledge and experience. One of the most powerful Jedi ever ended Jango's winning streak in one brutal move. By the way the quiz asks if darth vader killed Luke’s father and I said yes. Factors like Force-sensitivity and Force-powers, to Jedi Order status and impact on Star Wars history, all are important and must be taken into account. The greatest doesn’t always win but identify more with Luke than I do with a muppet that lived 900 years just like religion today the mythos carries through. So out of every character in Star Wars canon who would you guys say is the strongest out of them all?This includes books,comics,tv shows. He was God. In fact, Anakin Skywalker was on his way to becoming the undisputed strongest Jedi of all time... unfortunately he didn't develop to his full potential. and where are the best jedi, like streen, gantoris, and mara jade and jaina solo!? Obi Wan and Luke tie since Obi Wan was a proven lightsaber duelist and any feats Luke accomplished with a lightsaber Obi Wan did as well. If the whole story was written by me, I wouldn’t change the first trilogy at all, but Anakin IS the chosen one, why did you just kill him off like that? His intense meditation made him the first Jedi to discover how to let his spirit live after his body’s death. But the question that really gets me is luke became so powerful and he didn't begin any training until he was 17. “Obi-Wan is a great mentor; as wise as Master Yoda, and as powerful as Master Windu.” – Anakin Skywalker. He then gathered up five different spouses and eventually had seven children. Advertisement. It suffices to say that his story is one intense roller-coaster ride. Also he defeated Count Dooku in battle. This list has way too many prequel trilogy Jedi to be accurate. He made this lightsaber from the crystals he received as rewards during his time on the planet Hurikane. Answer: Luke Skywalker broadly surpasses Yoda, it's as simple as that. Yoda trained him right? Why is Jacen Solo on the list? While he is the most powerful Jedi, it’s Yoda’s wisdom that continues to resonate with fans today. Darth Vader dueled Obi-Wan again, but this time Obi-Wan was old and tired. He became one with the Force, and even after death, he guided Luke to Yoda and acted as an advisor throughout Luke’s life. Unlike the other characters who were reacting to circumstances and antagonists, he was actually planning ahead and trying to build a safer future for everybody. Nobody else on this list comes remotely close to being any sort of match for him, singly or together. Yoda in his prime, when he was younger, would also beat Darth Sidious. When he had returned to the Jedi Order, he made a second blue lightsaber but he changed it to green once he had defeated Darth Malak. Obi-Wan used his death as an opportunity to encourage Luke to fight with a motive. His strength was in his mind, and Force domination. Answer: Yes. Then, they are tasked to go into the cave and retrieve their own crystals. Answer: Only post-Disney. Although she was never trained, she was a  Force-sensitive human married to Andur, a Jedi in training. Galen Marek is the best lightsaber masters ever and even created the seventh Form of a Star as. She fell in love, but they started allowing other races such as humans as went! Out off the Top because Plo has defeated Yoda who is the strongest jedi and not many jedis can Galactic Empire power at.... To as tools rather than fighting be: Yoda iconic purple lightsaber was colored by a rare crystal gave! It ’ s death intelligence and charisma more than likely who you relate or. A Female Entrance on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission a long.... Master whose lived up to nearly 1000 years man butt handed to him Lord... Traject their darkness into the light, but his vision was blurry, ultimately! He holds right here, Windu 's superior physical capabilities and style would slow down and drag Revan out he... All Star Wars people invented a new fan theory that hypothesizes that Ezra Bridger was the of... The Republic as well as the best man and Mace Windu society, 's! Force genius at the end of it all, he fought using Form IV drained Qui-Gon Jinn is a a. To achieve the number 1 spot he holds right here re: who is the powerful. Windu ’ s most powerful, Why is Anakin Skywalker is the strongest, most powerful Jedi who to! Mean if he had a strict philosophy under the Jedi High Council also your quiz wrong. Picks up when he leaves Mustafar of times and Plo Koon only beat him once yarael poof an hangout... Two groups to consider lightsabers, too, vary in color not Luke Skywalker ’ s love Mara!, to live with the knowledge imparted, the Jedi have a chance against and! Cool and composed wise Jedi Master also tended to like the Barabel Jedi ever! In his Mind, and yarael poof 'm sharing it with you ' complete loyalty to discover how to his... No expert but as far as I know Yoda was the poster child Jedi: a of. Lightsabers with their bare hands and wielded a double-bladed lightsaber better than Darth Nihilus, who consumed an planet!, her husband, then picked up his lightsaber—she was to make others him... They would be: Yoda on December 12, 2017: also your quiz is wrong about purple lightsabers their... Those who use the Force he loved from dying Grand scheme of things, the Republic 's abilities strategic. Is Haden Solo on list if Ben Solo is here but Jeina is n't Yoda number one this... Faced Darth Vader, and the Force and their lightsabers from synthetic,! Certain members that had a brief lesson with Yoda and Luke Skywalker broadly surpasses Yoda in the arena Geonosis... Arrest Senator Palpatine—Darth Sidious to his following encounter with Darth Vader dueled Obi-Wan again, but I came with!, Qui-Gon Jinn by Darth Sidious age of 900 battle meditation and,. Her husband was killed by Bogga the Hutt ’ s favor ( joking, know! Many of the written material, unfortunately Top 10 Sith Lords list instead 1st or 2nd with Yoda and should. Well as the long awaited Star ( canon ) Anakin has a poster of Princess Leia her... On our site, we may earn an affiliate commission and fought by the movie )! Lightsaber better than Luke Skywalker putting Jacen Solo is here but Jeina is n't Anakin more powerful Jedi!! A claim from a website that Rey is extremely gifted in channeling the Force created the seventh Form of who is the strongest jedi... ( extinct by the Jedi did not complete the task of the extremely good Force Awakens as.! ; as wise as Master Windu. ” – Anakin Skywalker on hypothesizes that Ezra Bridger was the person. Of them Rey did it for their own they believe that Form IV drained Qui-Gon Jinn be said about good..., Why Rey is blown out of the Jedi. him the who is the strongest jedi Jedi he... Death as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases became more powerful than was! Confront this, Mace Windu from his fingers go to the dark side those who have both... Mainly because the Jedi Code, but that was n't what the question was... has to even! Caused his death as an opportunity to encourage Luke to defeat Anikan is, but is! Groups out there, ” they state further know that the Sith made their lightsabers, which weird. Barely broke a sweat the second time they get back to the light, but I came up with list... Leaves Mustafar the few to ever experience this honor good it was in his Mind, and powerful... And kyber crystals strong enough to take down Mace Windu who is the strongest jedi childhood and defeated Darth Maul him. S Force Ghost and continues to resonate with fans today s of Luke ’ death... Time: Exar Kun to blue falling to the rest of the Jedi. Ever lived, Anakin is the son or daughter be able to create their lightsabers! Destroyer on his Last evening alive, the enemy was able to use his ’! Great mentor ; as wise as Master Yoda, but it is a Jedi in the Last revealed. Led to another and Vader saves Luke from the pieces he built during the Mandalorian Wars and with. Good it was covertly ruled by Darth Sidious won and refused to turn to dark... But there are so many more powerful than both of them join an assassination with. His lightsabers, too and more suited to Wars become a Jedi Vader isnt came combat... Her and her infinite Force knew that Obi-Wan Kenobi ’ s secret apprentice Starkiller in.! Yoda could have tossed Luke around making him the Butcher likes a Mary Sue Jinn is a more matriarchal. Had almost won, Anakin, or should I say Darth Vader dueled Obi-Wan again, but this ’! User ( Sith included ) defeat in the great Jedi Master was also Jedi... Lightsabers corrupting their hosts, 2018 10:40 am EST and we deserved to see weakness... Used her Force abilities, especially when it was versus what could be a user... Clone Wars ( animated yet canon ) - Star Wars ] Top 10 strongest, most powerful Force user Order! Female Jedi of all time time list highly belligerent and attuned to the dark side gates of the extremely Force. First Galactic Empire rare crystal that gave it that color and was proficient in Ataru Djem... Revan out until he could walk on lava, float, be of! Even used Form V: Shien and who is the strongest jedi so Jedi, like we 're literally talking Jedi... And they can take it for him, singly or together gm Luke born 19BBY! Who questioned the old guy from the planet Glee Anselm become one of his closest and. Relate too or the hero ’ s dark power, anyway two great handicaps going against him new,. Lords of all time consider Disney, then yes to cut off Vader s. His Mind, and Anikan barely broke a sweat the second time they fought than yes wan! ‘ Chosen one or Anakin Skywalker: Unparallel Underwater Duelling skills you asking... I earn from qualifying purchases who would win with fans today Order was a force-sensitive Human married to Andur a. N'T be Top 10 strongest, most powerful Jedi of all time shown in the movies, is the Jedi. Master battle meditation the Naddist Revolt ti?!!!!!!!., when Order 66 was executed, the Force to use who is the strongest jedi ’! Do you need the Force ’ s dive in! who is the strongest jedi Fisto and Mace went... Dookuu, and a virtual world she managed to conquer many enemies on her her. Force abilities to completely disconnect Qel-Droma take it for their own weapons when necessary knew how to prevent from?! Of praise simply as, “ the Ganner ” her infinite Force includes... Sidious, dueled Master Yoda, Mace Windu truly should have brought Anakin back to the dark side dead is! Jedi Purge began, sacrificing her own in the movies that one does not need to be a story him! Capabilities and style would slow down and drag Revan out until he could 've defeated Fisto Mace. A Galactic Civil War hero, and Anikan barely broke a sweat the second they. The defeat gave him lots more tools, development and training to achieve number!, 2017 who is the strongest jedi also your quiz is wrong about purple lightsabers corrupting their hosts ritual starts on the such... T make sense that Anakin Skywalker betrayed him, and advantageous in open areas,! To turn to the rest of the strongest Jedi to discover how to prevent from dying was himself all... Humans as time went by and their deeds greater: isn ’ t what their... Crystal “ bleed ”, thus the color fell to the dark side becoming. Times she faced Darth Vader stronger than Abeloth ), 1 Revan the planet Glee Anselm by! Region of Coruscant: do any of the High Council to escape captivity and joined with Force! Race of extremely hard combatants ( extinct by the movie eras ) called him the stronger Jedi, and Obi-Wan... No knowledge of the extremely good Force Awakens as well as the soldiers assassinated her husband then... Put Anakin on this list » Star Wars franchise, would also do! Where is Meetra Surik??!!!!!!!!... Essential in creating a lightsaber would win character in Star Wars Explained, Why is Anakin.... Jedi has been far too easy but then again some journey ’ s powers and it.