Toki Pona is the current official international auxiliary language of business, culture, and general intercommunication of humanity, subhumanity, and on the planet Earth in general. But, if all communities aim at some good, the state or political community, which is the highest of all, and which embraces all the rest, aims at good in a greater degree than any other, and at the highest good.”—Aristotle (384–323 B.C. toki pona. Simplicity is a core part of Toki Pona (in fact, pona means both simple and good). la. Duolingo tends to look at use but given that they made Klingon and High Valyrian, I really don’t know if they don’t want to consider Toki Pona. It is currently Wed Jan 27, 2021 11:25 am, In total there are 20 users online :: 1 registered, 0 hidden and 19 guests (based on users active over the past 5 minutes)Most users ever online was 534 on Fri Jul 05, 2019 1:50 am Registered users: Google [Bot] Did I say community? toki pona is a philosophically minimalist constructed language, created by Sonja Lang. Cheat sheet by blinry, CC0. It's an a posteriori language, but it has simplified the phonetics of its etymons up to rendering quite a fewof them hardly recognizable due to the syllable restrictions imposed on top of its nine letters / phonemes. Telegram. toki pona li pona li toki pi jan pona! A more or less exhaustive list of all words in toki pona that are, or were, used is the “nimi ale pona” document. This fits the image Lang had for Toki Pona of being spoken by people on a small island, living on the beach. Versions of it first appeared on line in 2001, and a small but dedicated community of speakers developed around it in the 2000’s, mostly around a handful of resources that were linked from her website. ma pi toki pona taso. The language is fairly known among Esperantists, who often offer courses and conversation groups at their meetings. It was my attempt to understand the meaning of life in 120 words. What is Toki Pona? The word 'kipisi' (to cut) didn't make it into 'pu', but it was once mentioned on the official website. jan mute pi toki pona li lon. 11 talking about this. Rules: Please don't add unrelated projects or post unrelated things in the comments. mi mute toki e toki pona! Toki Pona Dictionary. Toki pona is a constructed language--or "conlang"--invented by Sonja Elen Kisa. Search in english and Toki Pona. We can however express gender and plurality more explicitly if necessary. Specifically, Kisa proposes that toki pona encourages its speakers to think simply and to focus on basic reality rather than abstract or euphemistic concepts. Toki Pona is a conlang by Sonja Lang. Toki Pona is often compared to the island languages of the Pacific in sound. Toki Pona. Some people in the toki pona community prefer to only use it in the verb meaning, while others use it in others as well. Discord Servers. Besides meli and mije for man and woman, many in the toki pona community also employ tonsi to express identity outside of the binary concept of gender. 2 tenpo pini pi toki pona 3 lipu pi toki pona 4 kalama ona 5 sitelen 6 lipu sona ante pi ma ni 7 lipu ante pi ma ante nimi pi toki pona li kama tan toki mute. jan | kulupu jan | pali | ma | moku | musi | sona | soweli en akesi | tenpo pini | toki. Twitter has some toki pona activity. Toki pona is a small constructed language by Sonja. a. interj ah! One-hour courses of Toki Pona were taught on various occasions by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology during their Independent Activities Period. tenpo ale la jan ike li ike Tenpo ale la translates as at all times and captures the sense of inevitability in haters gonna hate in English. John Clifford, PhD gave the following presentation on Toki Pona at the Second Language Creation Conference in 2007 at Berkeley University: "The Problems with Success: What Happens When an Opinionated Conlang Meets Its Speakers". ma pona pi toki pona. A simple Toki Pona Dictionary. This page, however, will describe all the words that, from my point of view, seem somewhat common in online usage, as well as the way some of the official 120 words are alternatively used in the community. How I discovered Toki Pona Watching memes in Esperanto If you would like to join, ask in the comments. Toki lili is a microblogging site similar to twitter specifically aimed at Toki Pona speakers. Toki Pona is a human language I invented in 2001. (emotion ... n group, community, society, company; mod communal, shared, public, of the society. There will be a transition period where I as I learn it I will use more Toki Pona until I can fully speak it. IRC #tokipona chat (IRC freenode) Other subreddits /r/mi_lon /r/tokiponataso. In 2007, Lang reportedly said that at least 100 people speak Toki Pona fluently and estimated that a few hundred have a basic knowledge of the language. Toki Pona/WordTpEn. vt listen, hear; mod auditory, hearing. Community. See more of TOKI PONA on Facebook Also, I finally think it would be better to parse out all syntaxically incorrect sentences from the book. ), “when Mrs Kindhead comes to collect for the Community Chestgrab her and tell her There are unfavorable omens in the sky!And when the mayor comes to get my vote tell himWhen are you going to stop people killing whales!”—Gregory Corso (b. nimi pona li tan nimi bona pi toki Epelanto. Kisa is reported to have said that at least 100 people speak Toki Pona fluently and estimates that a few hundred have a basic knowledge of the language. In toki pona, subject can never be dropped and objects usually are not dropped. It is very easy to learn. This side describes the entire grammar, the other side contains the entire vocabulary. 1930). From Wikibooks, open books for an open world < Toki Pona. Legend: Administrators, Global moderators, [phpBB Debug] PHP Warning: in file [ROOT]/vendor/twig/twig/lib/Twig/Extension/Core.php on line 1107: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable toki pona and the philosophy of simplicity Something can express a philosophy and something can be inspired by a philosophy. It is currently Sun Jan 17, 2021 8:36 am toki pona’s lexicon comes from a choice process more akin to Basic English, where words of high frequency, highly polysemous are chosen and narrow ones are left out. Community. It was created by dislinguist Sonja Lang, an unintentional Discordian, and is the probably closest thing to what would be called "the holy language of Discord". o luka e poki "o ante." TOKI PONA. I can see that some of the identical text in Toki Pona language, and all of the identical text in Blahuš, is in the sample texts - that is fine. Like many words, they all can take on many roles in the sentence. Kisa is reported to have said that at least 100 people speak Toki Pona fluently and estimates that a few hundred have a basic knowledge of the language. Toki Pona is a minimalistic conlang created by the Canadian translator and polyglot Sonja Lang (formerly Sonja Elen Kisa) and first published online in 2001. The only Toki Pona studios on Scratch are inactive so I made this one. No birthdays today, Total posts 16128 • Total topics 2734 • Total members 842 • Our newest member jan Omej, pali pona | actions and lifestyle | agado kaj vivstilo. kute. Toki Pona community seems moderately interested in this project. lipu ni li jo e sona sin. Here is an online IRC chat that takes you straight to the toki pona room. ona sometimes takes modifiers, usually mije, meli, mute ni This is usually translated as "this" and is supposed to indicate the anaphora used when pointing, say with a finger. kama pona! Traffic on the Toki Pona mailing list and other online communities suggests that several hundred people have dabbled in it. Toki Pona is a minimalistic artificial language with only 123 root words created by Sonja Lang, aka. My microlang Mini attempts to ”fix” a few key problems with Toki Pona by streamlining grammar to make it more expressive. Toki Pona has been suggested multiple times. It is inspired by Taoism and the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis. lipu li ike tawa sina la sina ken ante e ona. The official toki pona book only defines the verb meaning of the word “pu”. Check toki pona out on Facebook, Reddit,, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, and various other sites!> ___ nimi toki li tan nimi tok pi toki Topisin. Learn Toki Pona. If you do, you will be removed from the studio. “The community has no bribe that will tempt a wise man.”—Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862), “Every community is an association of some kind and every community is established with a view to some good; for everyone always acts in order to obtain that which they think good. This is why, even while holding its level of complexity constant, Toki Pona leaves a lot of expressiveness on the table. I guess I should introduce it in a nicer way. ha! oh! aw! toki pona taso. Toki Pona is a language invented by Sonja Elen Kisa that only has 120 words and 14 sounds. Read about it in Business Insider , The Guardian , Wikipedia , The Globe and Mail , The Atlantic , The New Yorker , ساسة بوست . It consists of about 124 words and is easy to learn. Alphabet. IRC. Toki Pona merupakan satu bahasa buatan yang mula diterbit pada pertengahan tahun 2001.Bahasa ini direka cipta oleh seorang penterjemah Kanada dan ahli bahasa yang bernama Sonja Elen Kisa (lebih dikenali sebagai jan Sonja dalam kalangan penutur Toki Pona) dari Toronto. There are also identical sentences and phrases in the descriptions, for example "The vocabulary is designed around the principles of living a simple life without the complications of modern civilization" and "as an international auxiliary language". ... n group, community, society, company, people mod communal, shared, public, of the society kute vt listen, hear mod auditory, hearing la sep (between adverb or phrase of context and sentence) lape What Toki Pona is not concerned with, however, is having the simplest, maximally expressive grammar. lipu sona pi toki pona li pona li ken pana e sona mute (tenpo ni la lipu sona pi nanpa 719 li lon). Group of people sharing a common understanding who reveal themselves by using the same language, manners, tradition and law. This is day 1 of my journey to learn Toki Pona, the goal of this podcast is to be fully spoken Toki Pona, but until then I will do it in English. Toki Lili is a microblogging community for speakers of Toki Pona. Sonja Elen Kisa. toki pona li toki sin. The toki pona community has been using about 10 different online forums over the past 10 years, mailing lists etc, and all of them have seen their share of spam and other bad behavior, a very few fights, many arguments (and some of those productive ones! ni li lipu Wikipesija!. kulupu pi toki pona. sep … 'pu'. It’s an experiment to see how minimalist a language can get. ), and lots of abrasiveness. During International Congress of Esperanto Youth held in Sarajevo, August 2006, there was a special session of Toki Pona speakers with 12 participants. 1 toki pona li tan seme? I think as an interesting language and probably one of the better auxiliary languages but the use of Toki Pona is somewhat limited. 101 likes. The center of toki pona has moved from mailing list to forums to facebook and will move again, but who knows when. Last visit was: Sun Jan 17, 2021 8:36 am. Community. Twitter. ooh! gender. The consensus answer (thanks Oliver Mason) for how to translate Haters gonna hate into Toki Pona is the following:. Toki Pona is a constructed language created by Canadian linguist and translator Sonja Lang in 2001. toki pona. Skype. Traffic on the Toki Pona mailing list and other online communities suggests that several hundred people have dabbled in it. The official site is now mainly publicity for the official book, aka. jan Sonja li pali e ona.